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Intellectual Property

MIHR - Centre for the Management of IP in Health R&D
WIPO - Traditional Knowledge Contracts Database

Canada's Intellectual Property Policy Directorate - Research Papers

Intellectual Property Rights and the Environment

OECD - IP Rights, Tech Transfer in Developing country Agriculture

Intellectual property Rights and Plant Genetic Resources: Options for a sui generis system (in English - (en francais)  
  Innovation Law Forum: Traditional Knowledge Research Guide - The Centre for Innovation Law and Policy mission is to help foster a legal and policy environment - in Ontario, Canada and internationally - that promotes ethical and socially beneficial innovation and technological progress.  It is a multi-faceted academic centre devoted to the study of laws, institutions and policies that affect, or are affected by, innovation or technological change. The Centre supports teaching, research and policy analysis in a broad range of areas in which law and policy intersect with innovative activity. These include intellectual property, telecommunications, electronic commerce and the Internet, biotechnology and the financing of innovative ventures. 
The Biodiversity Convention and Intellectual Property: Conflict or Harmony

WTO Environment - Bulletins

Traditional Ecological Knowledge Prior Art Database (T.E.K. P.A.D.)
Implications of the DOHA Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health, WHO 2002 - The WTO council responsible for intellectual property, on 27 June 2002, approved a decision extending until 2016 the transition period during which least-developed countries (LDCs) do not have to provide patent protection for pharmaceuticals. "The Doha Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health enshrines the principle WHO has publicly advocated and advanced over the last four years, namely the reaffirmation of the right of WTO Members to make full use of the safeguard provisions of the TRIPS Agreement to protect public health and enhance access to medicines." (Carlos Correa)
Intellectual Property - European Union - contribution to WTO
Public Agricultural Research: the Impact of Intellectual Property Rights on Biotechnology in Developing Countries” - Report - FAO expert workshop, June 2002, Rome
Intellectual Property Rights in Biotechnology and Health Care - Results of a Stakeholder Dialogue - from World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). - Resources - TRIPs - is a new internet portal on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and Sustainable Development. It contains a selection of relevant online documents and resources related to IPRs and sustainable development including a guide to IPRs, proposals submitted to the WTO, discussion papers classified by topics, a calendar of IPRs related events, latest news on IPRs, and links to listservs and relevant institutions working on IPRs.
Patents: Disclosure of Origin & Prior Informed Consent - Requiring Disclosure of the Origin of Genetic Resources and Prior Informed Consent in Patent Applications Without Infringing The TRIPS Agreement: The Problem and The Solution - By Nuno Pires de Carvalho* (
AIPPI - Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Intellectuelle

Traditional Knowledge (TK) - Traditional Medicine (TM)

Protection and Promotion of Traditional Medicine - Implications for Public Health in Developing Countries
Systems of Medicine - The authors of this book/site initiated work on medicinal plants some twenty years ago, but it did not take shape till they received financial support in January 1987. Very soon they realized the disadvantages in working on medicinal plants without an adequate scientific background on the philosophy and methods of different systems of medicine, the methods of modern scientific medicine, drug development, the related aspects of pharmacognosy and pharmacology, economic implications, and a variety of other issues. With biodiversity, conservation and biotechnology coming to a sharp focus, the scenario became that much more complex. All the background information needed is spread over in a very large number of diverse publications and some areas are of topical interest with a large number of publications pouring in. In consequence, putting all such information as in this book together, was an essential activity the authors carried out parallel to the actual research on the medicinal plants.

Sustainable Development

 Combining High Risk Science with Ambitious Social and Economic Goals. Rosenthal, J.P., et al. (1999). Pharmaceutical Biology Vol. 37, Supplement, pp. 6-21. (Warning: LARGE PDF Files)
The Role of Chemical Prospecting in Sustainable Development. In: Grifo, F.T. (1996), Feinsilver, J., ed., Emerging Connections Among Biodiversity, Biotechnology, and Sustainable Development in Health and Agriculture, Washington, D.C., Pan American Health Organization.

Benefit Sharing

FIC - Equitable Sharing of Biodiversity Benefits Agreements on Genetic Resources Rosenthal, J.P. (1996). Proceedings of the OECD International Conference on Biodiversity Incentive Measures. Cairns, Australia.
International Regime on Access and Benefit-Sharing: Proposals for an international regime on access and benefit-sharing - CBD Executive Secretary - note for the open-ended inter-sessional meeting on the Multi-Year Programme of Work of the Conference of the Parties up to 2010, Montreal, 17-20 March 2003.[en español] [en français].
Material Transfer Agreements
MTA example non-profit & commercial
Access to Genetic Resources - Case Study - An Evaluation of the Development and
Implementation of Recent Regulation and Access Agreements - COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY


India - US - The turmeric patent is just the first step in stopping biopiracy
The future for patents on life - Issues such as bio-piracy and the patenting of GMOs continue to receive wide coverage. Current state of play

Curtain has fallen on hopes of legal bioprospecting

BioMed Central - Hague meeting targets biopiracy

India - US - The turmeric patent is just the first step in stopping biopiracy
Biopiracy Article
Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism (IPCB)
Kilburn & Strode (UK)

BioMed Central - Hague meeting targets biopiracy


Indigenous People, BioEthics

IAIP - International Alliance of the Indigenous-Tribal Peoples of the Tropical Forests
 Protecting Communities in Biomedical Research - Science -- Weijer and Emanuel 289 (5482) 1142 (requires Science Magazine's subscription)
 As precious as gold - EU position on responsibility on Biodiversity. TRIPS vs. CBD
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