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Item WorldBank Biodiversity Pages
Item WRI Biodiversity Pages
Item FAO Biodiversity Pages
Item United Nations System-Wide EARTHWATCH Biodiversity
Item International Biodiversity Observation Year 2001-2002
Item Benefits of Biodiversity - US Department of State
Item Introduction to Biogeography and Ecology - Courses & Tutorials on Biodiversity
Item Biodiversity - NBII
Item Biodiversity Hotspots
Item  The idea of Biodiversity - Centers of Origin (Vavilov Centers)
Item Measuring Biodiversity - Biodiversity and Worldmap
Item Google Biodiversity Links
Item Yahoo! Science Biology Biodiversity
Item Agora21: Biodiversity related Links:
- les ressources locales :
biodiversité, la forêt et l’eau
- des milieux spécifiques :
montagnes, îles, océans et mers,
- les déséquilibres locaux  :
désertification, déboisement, érosion des sols

World Biodiversity Statistics

Item Countries and their Biodiversity ranking [FIC-NIH]
Item List of countries and statistics
Item United Nations System-Wide EARTHWATCH Biodiversity
Marine Life & Coastal Ecosystems
Item Coastal Ecosystems AAAS - Mangroves
Item Comparison Fresh and sea water
Item Marine and Aquatic Biology
Item Nat'l Academies Press, Marine Biotechnology in the Twenty-First Century (2002), Table of Contents
Item NOAA Ocean Explorer Census of Marine Life
INEEL Featured Research - Mapping the Microbial World
Society for Industrial Microbiology
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