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Agriculture Organizations
Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO)
Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)
International Plant Genetic Resources Institute(IPGRI)
Links to International and Regional Organizations
Links to National Organizations
Biosaline Agricultural Research
International Center for Biosaline Agriculture(ICBA) - ICBA's mission is to demonstrate the value of saline water resources for the production of environmentally and economically useful plants and to transfer the results to national research services and communities in the Islamic World and elsewhere.  ICBA mandate is to develop sustainable management systems to irrigate food and forage crops and ornamental plants with saline water and to provide a resource of salt-tolerant plants for socio-economic development in arid and semi-arid areas and salt-affected areas of the Islamic World and elsewhere
Halophyte Biotechnology Center - The Mission of this Center is: 1. To improve salt-tolerant crops for use in salt-afflicted agroecosystems using biotechnology. 2. To develop varieties of plants for saline wetlands restoration that will drive high productivity ecosystems without continual human input. 3. To disseminate knowledge about using salt-tolerant plant varieties to develop sustainable agriculture in areas of the world where soils are salinized or only saline water is available for irrigation and to solve wetland restoration problems. 4. To exchange information on the performance of varieties of salt-tolerant plants under various types of agroecosystems (ie. rainfed, irrigated, tidal) and wetland restoration sites.
The George E. Brown Jr Salinity Laboratory - formerly the United States Salinity Laboratory, is a World renowned US laboratory for basic research on the chemistry, physics, and biology of salt-affected agricultural systems.
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